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AUG-2016 New digital opportunity to reach physicians across medical journals.

Your Monthly Prescription for Ad Industry Updates | August 2016

Topics of the Month

Announcing Our New Website

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Viewability Toolkit
The EHS Blog – lots of great information on pharma marketing for advertisers and publishers! – And much more!

Selection of Recent Articles by eHealthcare Solutions’ Staff

What is 100% Viewability? by Molly Kennedy
100% viewability has different definitions depending on your role. Read the article to find out what you mean when you say, “100% viewability!”

Attribution Options in Digital Marketing by Kerry Lawlor
Learn what “attribution” means and discover new ways to optimize your marketing budget.

More than just a Learning Experience by Tori Levenson
Tori tells about her interning experience at eHealthcare Solutions.

Your Monthly Prescription

eHealthcare Solutions Partners Exclusively with TrendMD

This partnership represents a new digital opportunity for pharma advertisers to reach physicians across peer-reviewed medical journals.

TrendMD is a content recommendation widget that algorithmically distributes sponsored and non-sponsored links on peer-reviewed medical content across publishers, journals, websites, platforms, apps, blogs, and more. The widget generates link recommendations based on content similarity, collaborative filtering (people who viewed this also viewed this), and social media buzz. Online readers use the widget to find and visit other relevant content from the same medical publisher, or sponsored content from other related publishers or advertisers.

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