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comScore Receives SIVT Detection Accreditation

Just announced today: comScore has received MRC accreditation for SIVT detection. If you are unaware of what SIVT is, it is Sophisticated Invalid Traffic. According to comScore, “…comScore becomes the first company to offer both content and campaign measurement leveraging MRC-accredited SIVT filtration…” (2016) You can see the article on their press releases section of their website, or follow the link below.

comScore Receives MRC Accreditation for SIVT Detection

According to the MRC Sophisticated Invalid Traffic “…consists of more difficult to detect situations that require advanced analytics, multi-point corroboration/coordination, significant human intervention, etc., to analyze and identify.” Here are some examples from the MRC’s Invalid Traffic Detection and Filtration Guidelines Addendum (2015):

  • Bots, spiders, or crawlers that “look” like human users
  • Hijacked devices
  • Hijacked sessions w/ hijacked devices
  • Hijacked ad tags
  • Hijacked creatived
  • Hidden, stacked, covered, or unintelligible ad serving
  • Invalid proxy traffic
  • Adware
  • Malware
  • Incentivized manipulation of measurments
  • Misappropriated content
  • Cookie stuffing
  • Recycling or harvesting of cookies

If you would like to read the addendum in more depth, follow the link below. The addendum is a great resource for people that are trying to expand their knowledge about IVT.

MRC IVT Detection and Filtration Guidelines Addendum

I encourage everyone to remain up to date on all MRC accredited sites and information about measurement technologies here on the EHS Viewability Blog!

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