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Book Review: The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz

Mike Michalowicz, author of the The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur does it again with The Pumpkin Plan.

The Pumpkin Plan is an easy, funny and fascinating collection of stories from personal experience the experiences shared with the author by others that illustrates the importance of the concept of focus. Focus on starting with the right idea (the Great Atlantic Seeds), Tending the garden, weeding out not just the weeds but the inferior, smaller, resource sucking less important pumpkins, so that all of your energies can be focused on turning a few key customers into colossal pumpkin. It’s a fascinating learning about business through an in-depth examination of how those 6 ft. high pumpkins you see on the news and in “weight guessing” contests actually come to be.

Mike tells this educational business lesson in a very frank, blunt and comical way that only he can do it. The book has been endorsed by the great such as Seth Godin, Michael Gerber and Guy Kawasaki. I highly recommend it, and am living proof that it works. e-Healthcare Solutions has been pumpkin planning our business now for over a year by raising our minimum requirements in taking on both publisher and advertiser clients so that we can shower the love an attention on our biggest partners… our great pumpkins. The results have been powerful.

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