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Book Review: Leadership by Choice by Eric Papp

Eric Papp does a very nice job in this easy read business book. I completed it on flight out and back to San Diego and still had plenty of time left to tackle other work. The books pulls from many other great thought leaders and business writers and provides a summary of some of the best current thinking on leadership and what it means to lead. The core theme is that leadership is closely intertwined with self-discipline.

Like the flight attendant said when we were preparing to take off, “if the oxygen levels drop… put your mask on first before assisting others” Because without first starting from within and coming from a good place, you are not very useful to others.

The book aggregates the thoughts of others in a nice simple and comprehensive way, while elaborating on them with specific ideas and personal experiences from the author. Eric Papp goes on to include many of his own easy to remember acronyms to drive home and summarize some of the key concepts in the book.

It’s a nice easy straight-forward and enjoyable read for any new manager or existing manager who wants a quick refresh of the concepts we all should know, but sometimes forget.

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