Native Advertising: Dynamic Content Recommendation

EHS delivers relevant and timely messaging to your healthcare professional audience through native advertising units within the EHS Network and beyond to a continually growing list of thousands of scholarly medical and scientific publishers.

TrendMD Physician Engagement Platform

Engage healthcare professionals through the EHS Physician Engagement Platform with TrendMD.
Promote content and messaging to your healthcare professional audience on desktop and mobile, across thousands of premium scholarly medical sites via omnipresent recommended content links.

TrendMD partners include Wolters Kluwer, Elsevier, and the American Diabetes Association among thousands of authoritative medical and scientific content resources for physicians. Through our exclusive relationship, EHS harnesses the immense reach of the TrendMD content discovery platform and their sophisticated content recommendation engine to effectively reach virtually the entire HCP universe, delivering approximately 125M monthly user interactions.

Physician engagement programs on TrendMD achieve consistently optimal results:
  • CTR-per-link typically range from 0.25% to 0.6%, and
  • Conversions (e.g., email registration) as high as 10%.

TrendMD - How It Works

List-Match Targeting with physician level reporting now available.
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