ClinOwl – A New Resource for Healthcare Professionals

Introducing Our Latest Partner… ClinOwl 

Who is ClinOwl? 

ClinOwlClinOwl is a leading content discovery platform for healthcare professionals. There is a wealth of high quality content available for healthcare professionals online, however, this content is spread across hundreds of journals and often difficult to discover.

ClinOwl curates articles from the leading medical journals in to a single view, helping busy healthcare professionals discover relevant clinical content and keep up to date with the latest advances in medicine.

Acting as a shop window for medical publishers, ClinOwl not only ensures an unrivaled user experience but it also helps leading medical journals attract the right audiences to their content.

Why You Should Advertise with ClinOwl

  • Connect your brand to a highly engaged and diverse HCP audience. 
  • ClinOwl engages over 20,000 new site visitors with more than 50,000 curated articles across 100+ specialties/ sub-specialties from peer-reviewed medical journals each month.
  • Available ad placements include display advertising or native advertising.

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