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90@90*: Start Winning With Header Bidding


Tune in to learn about: 

  • Pros and cons of header bidding for publishers and advertisers
  • How header bidding works – with examples
  • Future trends in header bidding & programmatic, and more

* What is a 90@90?
Approximately every 90-days, eHealthcare Solutions holds a 90-minute learning event webinar for our partners and friends whose topics and formats range from discussing current industry trends, educational sessions on new technologies, and hosting interesting and informative subject matter experts. While we set aside 90 minutes so we may stay on the line until all questions have been answered, most 90@90’s last between 45-60 minutes.

SAVE THE DATE 02/23/2022 for the next 90@90, you won’t want to miss this NEW product reveal!

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