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5 Reasons to Add Email Into Your Digital Marketing Strategies

Are you looking for new ways to reach your target audience? With over 4 billion people using email worldwide, email marketing can be a great way to send personalized messages to your target consumers and grow your business. 

Email marketing can even be more effective than other marketing channels including social media, TV, radio, and direct mail.

Here are 5 reasons why you should start investing in email marketing.

Email is more effective than social media

There are more people with an email address than there are people on social media. People need an email address in order to do many things on the internet. This includes creating social media accounts, accessing certain websites, and creating accounts on websites. 

With more people using email, there is a bigger opportunity to reach your target audience. 

Even though social media is a great way to communicate and interact with your audience, it can be difficult to organically reach your direct audience. While social media helps build relationships with your audience, email takes it a step further and helps you reach your ultimate goal – converting those relationships into sales. 

Personal and customizable 

Unlike social media where your messages are addressed to your entire audience, email allows you to personalize the messages you send to your audience. When building your email campaign, you can address people individually by name. 

Emails are 22% more likely to be opened when they include a personalized subject line. 

Personalizing your emails is a great way to build your audience’s trust and grow your relationship with them. 


Another advantage of email marketing is that you can monitor the performance of your email sends, which allows you to quickly understand which strategies are working and which ones are not.

Within your email marketing software, you can track all different types of data including how many people opened your email, who unsubscribed, the click-through rate, the bounce rate, which links were clicked, and more.

By monitoring the analytics of your email sends, you can better understand your audience’s interests based on their activity. This allows you to adjust your strategies according to what the analysis conveys.

Email Delivers your Message

Compared to social media, most emails that you send get delivered to your audience. According to Causely, when you post on social media, only a small percentage of your followers will see your posts in their newsfeed.

Op-in email marketing is more effective than promoting ads on social media because the people on your email list gave you permission to receive emails from you. This means that they are expecting to hear from you. People who see ads on their social news feeds didn’t ask to see those ads. 

People are also constantly checking their messages, social media, and their email inboxes on their mobile devices. With email being easily accessible to people on their smartphones, customers find this type of communication convenient. 

Boosts sales and revenue

Email marketing is action-oriented which means it is more likely to drive traffic to your website from your email. The best overall benefit of email marketing is that it carries the greatest potential of converting your target audience into leads.

As previously stated, you can also monitor the analytics on your email marketing software and see how many people clicked on to your website from your email.

As a tried and true marketing channel, email continues to serve as one of the best strategies at driving brand awareness, converting leads, and ultimately, boosting revenue for your business.

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